Initials Tattoo Ideas

Initials-And-Names-Tattoo-DesignThe tattoo is a permanent mark on your body and it will company you through the lifetime, so no matter what the reason you choose to tattoo, you should consider it for a twice time. Actually, tattoo ideas for initials need your consideration. A meaningful tattoo can be the initials of yourself, a child, the one you loved. Does it spark any ideas?

You can tattoo initials that are connected to the religious, such as the cross. A tattoo can incorporate three letters of a name. And there are some rules of the initials tattoo, the middle letter is usually larger than other letters. What’s more for a believer of Christianity, a small cross is always added below the initial letter. It is a perfect complement, which I think will attract many religious believers.

Then the initials of a child is often combined with the birth date. The initials should be medium size and the tattoo is always on the ankles or arms. We probably consider the black tattoo ink as the most appropriate color of the tattoo, both the initials and birth date. This kind of tattoo are prefered by a good mother who want to remember the happiness of being a mother.

A tattoo incorporate the initials and some flowers are very popular among women. If you have a penchant for cherry, then you can add cherries wrap around your initial tattoo. Any size and type of the initials are suitable, but the color is prefered the dark, such as black. While, we usually choose the bright color for the cherries, like pink. In this way, using two kinds of colors to contrast with each other. It is really a lovely choice of tattoo, isn’t it?

It is a also a good choice to incorporate skulls into a initial tattoo. In fact, it is for a more Gothic look. If your initials includes the letter “O”, you can simply tattoo the “O” to a skull. It is really cool! But if there is no such letter in your initial is still ok, you can just put the skull below the letters. Also, if you want to looks cooler, you can tattoo as much skulls as you like.


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