Thicken The Tattoo Ink

3D TattooThere are a variety of tattoo inks. They differ from each other in color and consistency. Some tattoo ink are pretty thick, some brand are easy to use, the tattoo artists use different tattoo inks to create the art work. While, sometimes, the tattoo ink may be too thick, we can absolutely go to the tattoo artists again, but which spend you more money and time. In fact, according to Bradley Montgomery, a tattoo artist who have 15 years experience, suggest people to thicken the tattoo ink at home. Then, following are the advice.

To thicken the tattoo ink by yourself, there are something that you should prepared in advance. The carbon pencil, pocket knife, and razor blade. At the beginning, shave all the wood of the carbon pencil and just leave the carbon stick. You are suggested shave the pencil from the top of the pencil to avoid hurt yourself. Scape the carbon stick into a fine powder with your razor blade over a piece of paper. Then you should hold the paper over the tattoo ink. The next step is to put a small amount of the carbon into the tattoo ink. And finally mix up the carbon and the tattoo ink. Mainly just three step, isn’t it very simple? Except this steps, the only thing you should do is to do the final step over and over again. And you can just stop when the color is thick enough.

To do all these things at home. There is no need to go the tattoo artist’s, which not only save you a lot of money and time but also give you more free to create your body art as you like. However, the tattoo is not a simple thing and it can only be done by some professionals. Then, there are something that you should pay attention to when you thicken the tattoo ink at home. Never use a lead pencil to instead of the carbon pencil. The lead pencil is poisonous when injected into your body. This is a very important point that you should always bear in mind.


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